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We give thanks Dear Lord for the goodness
of the land, We are grateful for the rich
harvest it produces.
We pray for those who do not have enough
to eat; help us to value people and share
the worlds harvest more fairly.
But above all help pus to do your will
here on earth.

Our new priest is settling to the different
styles of churchmanship across the 
benefice, and getting to know all the regular
attenders. We are looking forward to his
ideas about how to increase the numbers!

We have had our annual parochial church 
meeting,  after 24 years of hard work Anne 
Davis has retired as churchwarden but will
remain on the PCC,  Judith Hobbs will now
be the replacement. 
The other members are unchanged with John
and Jane McCormick still co-opted. 

Losses from the church by theft last year show
The extraordinary kindness of strangers is again  
astounding. Martin Watney of Gunton who attends
the Baptist church there not only offered us his spare
vacuum cleaner, but has also passed to us a silver  
cup that was given him by the Worshipful Company  
of Mercers to celebrate the Queens Golden Jubilee
for us to use in our church at the moment.Sadly
our secretary Jill Harrop has recently lost her sister
and as a memorial to her will give the church a
replacement siborum - then we will be able to 
return the silver cup to Martin with our very
grateful thanks.

Charity support.

Each month we have a collection in church for money
to donate to a variety of charities. We also are
collecting used stamps to help with the Leprosy
Mission. Also,we now have a link with the East Suffolk
food bank a box has been placed in the back of the
church for non-perishable food to be donated, Produce 
and canned goods have been donated to the food 
bank and to local Homes for elderly and disabled.

At the January meeting votes taken were in favour of
writing to  parishioners who have had services conducted
here   weddings baptisms and funerals so that at the  
anniversary of their important event they can choose  
a particular hymn for the service nearest their date.
At the July meeting this was approved by Glen and
will be instituted. The organ condition was discussed
the possibility of  change to electricification would
make the instrument fit for organ recitals and this
could make it attractive to get grants to cover the
the extensivve cost. Glen felt that the anglocatholic
nature of the eucharist serviice would be enhanced by
adding the angelus, but for those of the parish who
would prefer a songs of praise service this willl be
considered at  the group council as possible addition
on the fourth week of the month and would not need
a priest in attendance. 














(picture above from "The Apostles" Flower Festival)

St. Peter
A fisherman, who asked for forgiveness  for denial of Christ before
the cock crowed. The rock on which the church is built. The keeper
of the keys of Heaven.

24th Lound Festival

St John the Baptist, Lound

There were many visitors to see the church flower festival, as so 
many attended the fete and came to see our displays of many
scenes that children know from the bible.  Some £600 was 
raised in donations and the festival evensong was well attended.

There has been a lot of publicity about the 2014 being the centenary
of the start of the Great War. Rita Flatt has done a lot of research 
about village men and women who took part in the war and has 
assembled a lot of information about them. She has included the
stories of those who survived as well as those who died,

Suffolk Historic Churches Trust  
The annual  Ride and Stride for sponsored cyclists and walkers
 to raise funds  for this charity took place Saturday 9th 
Septmber.  volunteers are  attracted sponsors to sign
their forms for the cycling or  manning the church Last
years donations raised £300 for the church and inspite of
a smaller number of particiipants this year seems to be as
giood- a very useful contribution and enjoyable joint effort.

Our church attracts a lot of visitors to see its magnificent decoration, 
 we have had a visit from a  historian from Sheringham    
who is translating a 15th century will from Latin  this is the one
written  by one of the rectors of Lound Thomas Prymor .
 We look forward  to seeing this when it is completed. 

We are very pleased that the nesting box installed in one of the 
churchyard trees by the former churchwarden Chris James
has had three barn owl chicks raised in it this year.

Edward Flatt who runs Eastwood Farm in the village has been 
awareded the FWAG Silver Lapwing award for 2017 - in recognition
that his farming practices provide an exceptional  environment
for wildlife conservation.  Congratulations Ed!

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